Over 72 Years of Service

Sandrine Corp has been in the industry since 1948.

Best Environmental Choice

At Sandrine Corp, our impact on environment is important to us.
We are voted The Best Environmental Choice.

Immediate Response

We value your time, that’s why we have one of the best response and action time. 

Surplus Chemicals

Since 1948, Sandrine has been serving the needs of CDMOs, pharma, specialty chemical, petrochemical companies, insurance adjusters, distributors, importers and more.  We have been a trusted, reliable solution to recycling and eliminating unused, surplus chemicals and overstocked materials.

With a renewed emphasis on effectively recycling generic pharmaceuticals and organic compounds, Sandrine Corporation partners with chemical manufacturers, to sell surplus chemicals and to find effective alternatives to finding new use for these materials.  We solve the dilemma related to dumping, disposing and destroying unwanted chemicals for manufacturers that are dealing with surplus chemicals.  Instead of risking harm that can be caused to the environment, Sandrine Corporation is able to provide more effective solutions for surplus chemicals.

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