About Us

Since 1948, Sandrine Corporation has been the trusted, reliable solution to recycling and eliminating unused, surplus chemicals and overstocked materials.

With a renewed emphasis on effectively recycling generic pharmaceuticals and organic compounds, Sandrine Corporation partners with chemical manufacturers to find effective alternatives to finding new uses for these materials. Sandrine Corporation solves the dilemma related to removal, disposing and destroying unwanted chemicals for manufacturers that are dealing with a surplus. Instead of risking the harm that can be caused to the environment, Sandrine Corporation is able to provide better and more effective solutions.

Sandrine Corporation is an independent company with roots in the U.S. chemical industry since 1948. Located in Boca Raton in Florida, Sandrine Corporation specializes in recycling unused and unwanted materials via sensible approaches that create a win-win solution for supplier and recycler.

Their primary method of operation is to try to find additional or alternative uses for materials that are considered to be in excess. Since 1948, Sandrine Corporation has saved and repurposed more than 40,000 tons of chemical products by purchasing and recycling them to the appropriate sources.

The concept of effectively recycling unused product is not a new one. Over time, it has been proven to be one of the best ways to minimize waste and reduce the potential for any negative effect on the environment. Not only is recycling unused products a sound time-tested approach, but it keeps in step with most current strategies.

Sandrine Corporation is one of the leading corporations in investment recovery, focusing on buying and selling overstock chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, intermediates and additives. This is an advantage to both manufacturers and purchasers. Manufacturers are able to sell products that would otherwise be wasted and unused. Purchasers are able to acquire products at more affordable prices. For a complete listing of chemicals that are currently available for sale, check the website at www.sandrinecorp.com.

With vast experience and resourcefulness, Sandrine Corporation is a proven resource for developing practical solutions for inventory overstock.

This can be an especially useful approach in situations when one company acquires another and there is a duplication of products. In such cases, there may be a reduction in plant operations. Leftover products at the remaining plants or duplicate products may be destroyed to avoid overstock. Sandrine Corporation is able to purchase the excess product, reducing the loss to the manufacturers, and reselling it to customers seeking lower prices.

Sandrine Corporation takes a forward- thinking approach as one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the chemical recycling field. With the constant changes in production, distribution and consumption, Sandrine Corporation is constantly sensitive to these changes and able to adapt to future situations.

Creating win-win situations from what some might term as losses, Sandrine Corporation is available to find productive opportunities for surplus chemicals and excess materials.