Our Company

We sell to industries in general, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, cosmetic, food, nutritional and compounding pharmacies, among others.

At A Sandrine Corp

Sandrine is the world’s foremost company dealing with the purchase and sale of overstock chemicals, pharmaceuticals, intermediates and additives.

The business has been in operation since 1948 based in the U.S. and trading world-wide. We offer an enormous amount of experience, energy and resourcefulness together with practical solutions for current inventory problems.

Please send us all details of products you wish to sell and we will promptly evaluate and give you our best possible offer.

Our Company

Fast Growing Chemical Company

Our specialty is developing markets for chemicals, intermediates, pharma items and trading in these over-stocked situations. Our service to the industry has been over 74 years.

Experienced personnel will assist requests to sell and purchase products at the best prices, and large expertise in sourcing difficult items – CASH TERMS.

We operate on a world-wide scale and can assist your inventory issues from a U.S.base.

This has been a family business since 1948.

Joel Udell

CEO Sandrine Corp.

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